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    Mrs. Dale's Class Project/Donor's Choose

     Welcome to our class page for PLTW-Launch and PLTW-Gateway!  

       Through PLTW- Launchstudents become problem solvers. Students use structured approaches, like the engineering design process, and employ critical thinking. They apply STEM knowledge, skills, and habits of mind, learning that it is OK to take risks and make mistakes.  Students will begin building with Vex IQ equipment in 3rd grade and begin building (and programming) robots in 4th grade.  
        In addition to teaching PLTW-Launch classes, I also teach PLTW-Gateway classes for students in sixth and seventh grade.  Gateway students will practice using the engineering design process to complete activities for Design and Modeling.  Students will work on projects and solve problems using an engineering notebook, design software, and tablet applications.  Both 6th and 7th grade Gateway students will build with Vex IQ equipment.  
     You will be able to find announcements and updates concerning PLTW-Launch and Gateway on this page.  I am looking forward to this school year and working with your child!  
    Thanks!  -Mrs. Tara Dale