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     Algebra I: 8th grade & 9th grade  High School Course, 2 semesters, granting a Carnegie unit upon completion,  with the following pre-requisites:  3.0 overall GPA in 7th grade Math; successful completion of a Pre-Algebra diagnostic assessment with a minimum of 80% accuracy. For 9th grade:  successful completion of 8th grade math
    This course starts off with a quick review of basic algebraic concepts, such as variables, order of operations, exponents and problem solving skills.  The focus will move into a thorough introduction to functions, the basis of all of algebra and higher mathematics.   Students will learn how to solve linear equations, including multi-step equations, equations with multiple variable and equations involving decimals and fractions, as well as write a linear equation based on the graph of a line.  By the end of the course, students will have all the knowledge necessary to solve and graph equations and inequalities.  They will also be able to apply this knowledge to other areas of math, such as word problems, ratios and proportions.  By investigating linear inequalities and studying the properties of systems of linear equations, students will come to appreciate the unique properties of abstract algebraic thought.

    8th Grade Math Course Description

    This course is designed to give students the fundamental skills necessary to succeed in the Algebra course taken the following year.  Students will explore arithmetic operations, number systems and properties, measurement, geometry, and an introduction to algebraic thinking and concepts.  There is a reinforcement of variable recognition, signed numbers, formulas and single variable equations, introducing algebra principles, which include algebraic symbolism, simplifying expressions, solutions to higher level equations and the graphic representations associated with variables.  Students should synthesize and algebraically represent situations to solve real world problems, especially those involving linear equations.


    7th Grade Math Course Description

    7th Grade Math extends students’ understanding of numbers and computation to include integers and proportional reasoning.  All concepts and skills are presented in the context of problem solving that requires the use of reasoning and communication.  Areas of focus will include: data analysis and probability; algebraic foundations such as equations and inequalities; functional relationships; arithmetic and geometric sequences; geometric precision; measurement; exploration of the real number system (including rational and irrational numbers and magnitude of numbers) and linear relationships.  Throughout the course, math concepts will be taught with an emphasis on real-world application, technology, and cross-curricular interaction.


    6th Grade Math Course Description

    Students in 6th grade should be engaged in connecting ratio and rate to whole number multiplication and division and using concepts of ratio and rate to solve problems.  These students should also have a complete understanding of division of fractions and extend the notion of number to the system of rational numbers, which includes negative numbers.  Sixth graders should be writing, interpreting, and using expressions and equations and developing understanding of statistical thinking.